Fwd: 'Prof Andy from iZND Services' have been shortlisted by TradeFlock Magazine for '10 Best Tech Leaders from Asia 2024'

From: Tripti Aggarwal <aggarwal.tripti01@tradeflock.com>
Date: Wed, Mar 20, 2024 at 1:21 PM
Subject: 'Prof Andy from iZND Services' have been shortlisted by TradeFlock Magazine for '10 Best Tech Leaders from Asia 2024'
To: Isaacandy <isaacandy@izndgroup.com>

Dear Prof Andy,


Warm Greetings From TradeFlock!


I am Tripti AggarwalCorporate Manager from TradeFlock, a global business magazine covering the journey of Entrepreneurs, Founders, and C-Suite Executives from diverse industries and giving them the recognition they deserve. We are a portal for founders, Directors, VPs and Chief Officers to share their learnings, strategies, successful practices, point of view and challenges to inspire and create influential leaders like them.


 I am glad to inform you that Prof Andy from iZND Services has been shortlisted for TradeFlock's "10 Best Tech Leaders from Asia 2024" edition post a stringent evaluation and survey from our Editorial Board.


Following the accomplishment of our previous editions, we are back with a new global edition "10 Best Tech Leaders from Asia 2024". This edition aims to highlight the professional journey of leaders, the challenges they face, the strategies they deploy and their achievements. Inspiring new-age entrepreneurs and aspiring leaders, this edition will also bring unique perspectives, opinions and case studies from leaders of various industries.


In a two-page profile of Prof Andy from iZND Services, we will highlight their professional journey, challenges, unique skill sets, strategies and achievements that set them apart from their peers.


We have selected you based on shortlisting criteria and merit but we do seek Investment for reprint rights and package, which includes;

1.     Print-ready two-page PDF with reprint rights

2.     Listing in TradeFlock's web version (backlinking to your LinkedIn and Website)

3.     The Certificate Of Honor to recognize your achievement

4.     Two hard copies of the magazine

5.     Promotion over leading social media channels (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram)

6.     One-page advertisement in any of our latest editions (applicable up to 6 months)


The story will be drafted by our editors to create value and build trust for you, your brand and prospects looking to have a business association with you. 


Please let me know about your thoughts on the same, If I could share complete details with you on the proposal.


We can also connect on a call to discuss this in detail. You can reach out to me on  +91 9821210128


I hope to hear from you soon.


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