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Microsoft might 'Open Source Windows'

Recently, there is an outpouring of speculation about if and when Microsoft might Open Source Windows, and most of these stories are circulating on account of one of Microsoft's top engineers, Mark Russinovich, who helped build Windows. Russinovich understands that Linux powers the Internet, "That's the reality we live in today," he says in support of the fact that Open Source is a norm and not a trendy exception. "It's definitely possible," Russinovich says about Open Sourcing Windows. "It's a new Microsoft." Ever since Russinovich uttered these words, the floodgates of speculationregarding when Microsoft might Open Source Windows continue to grow. To understand the importance of such public support of Open Source from a top Microsoft employee, contrast Russinovich's comments with the 2001 remarks from former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer denouncing Linux as a "cancer" that "attaches itself... to everything it touches.&qu…

Pebble 3.0 : Smoother Graphics with Antialiasing and Meetup Recap

March 27th, 2015Smoother Graphics with Antialiasing! Greetings, Devs!
This week we have released Pebble SDK Developer Preview 5, which includes new Graphics API functions to draw shapes with any stroke width. We are also introducing antialiasing for these functions, which means that any apps built with SDK 3.0 will automatically take advantage of smoother, better looking graphics. If you do not want to include antialiasing in your app, simply use graphics_context_set_antialiased(ctx, false); to turn it off. Read more about these new functions in the Drawing Graphics guide. You can see these new features in action in the new SDK example app ks-clock-face, which was featured in the Pebble Time Kickstarter video. PebbleKit Android 3.0 Now Available!Apps using PebbleKit Android will need to be re-compiled in order to work with the new Pebble Time official Android app. The good news is that this version is now available for you to use! It is fully backwards compatible with the existing Pebbl…