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Google Play Store and “over a million apps” could be headed to Chrome OS | Ars Technica

The work-in-progress dialog box that a user was able to bring up. Google first brought the ability to run Android apps on Chrome OS with a project called the "App Runtime for Chrome (ARC)." Google built an Android runtime on Chrome OS and partnered with select developers to port a handful of Android apps. Now it sounds like Google is ready to unleash millions of Android apps onto the platform by bringing the entire Play Store to Chrome OS.

The Google Play Store Is Coming to Chromebooks

The Google Play Store Is Coming to Chromebooks You'll soon be able to use the Google Play Store on a Chromebook, according to recent code additions to Chrome OS that let you enable the feature.

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Good News! TM has launched SME BizFest 2016 for Streamyx and Unifi Service!

Date:  2016/4/20)SME BizFest 2016 promotion offer till 30th June 2016

Streamyx 1.0M BIZFEST 2016 @ RM178
Streamyx 2.0M BIZFEST 2016 @ RM238
Streamyx 4.0M BIZFEST 2016 @ RM248
Streamyx 8.0M BIZFEST 2016 @ RM288
Include RM88 worth of call value at normal rates and beyond call rates 10sen/min Fixed to Fixed Lines, 15sen/min Fixed to Mobile Lines + Discount RM20 

UniFi BIZ Advance 30Mbps SME BIZFEST 2016 @ RM279
SME BIZFEST 2016 : UniFi 30Mbps (Business) + Simple Voice Plus 50 + Discount RM20 

UniFi BIZ Advance Plus 50Mbps SME BIZFEST 2016 @ RM329
SME BIZFEST 2016 : UniFi 50Mbps (Business) + Simple Voice Plus 50 + Discount RM20

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