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I think you may find this app useful – CamScanner

Using scanner app #CamScanner and loving it! It digitizes any paper documents and saves me so much time. Get it here:

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12-Year Old Girl Tries To Poison Her Mother For Taking Away Her iPhone |

Redmond Pie (@RedmondPie)3/25/15, 12:03 PM 12-Year Old Girl Tries To Poison Her Mother For Taking Away Her iPhone |…
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BlackBerry 10 Support Information : WhatsApp extremely slow loading and often crashed

Although you may have the latest version of WhatsApp -2.11.1201- publicly available, there is an experimental version -2.11.1349- that we are testing. Please do the following to install this new beta version of WhatsApp from Beta Zone and let me know if you encounter any problem after that:Install Beta Zone from BlackBerry WorldOpen Beta Zone > Tap WhatsApp if you see it under the tab Available
Tap UpgradeAfter that you should be able to open WhatsApp beta from your smartphone's home screen or from Beta Zone.To make sure you have the latest beta version -2.11.1349- simply open WhatsApp > Application Menu (Swipe down from the top of the screen to see it) > AboutNote: If you have any issue with the "Beta Zone" app then we won't be able to fix it since it's not our app.

Analysing Trends in the Smartphone Sector

Analysing Trends in the Smartphone Sector(Image credits : Ovum's report on Smartphone and Internet usage trends)A driving force behind the rampant development of technology has been the need to satiate the consumer oriented market. And within the consumer oriented market, the most popular is, you guessed it, the mobile phone sector. Over the last couple of years, the smartphone sector has seen a wide variety of innovations, trends and ergo developments. Consumer behaviour changes rapidly, and the smartphone OEMs focus on developing products according to these behavioral changes.Another contributing factor would be government norms and the development of hardware and software in general – which in turn provides the impetus for massive developments in the smartphone arena.(Data Source : eMarketer) But what do these trends hint at? Is a pattern visible, and does it point towards bigger and better things to come? As rustic as it might sound, will the mobile take over the world?In this …