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Achievements Forum London 2020 : European Quality Project (Oxford UK)

European Quality Project (Oxford UK)We kindly ask that you pass this document to Dr Isaac G. Andy, CEO, iZND Group (Malaysia)
Dear Dr Isaac G. Andy,
The information includes an official invitation to the Achievements Forum 2020 (April 17, London, IoD).
iZND Group was selected as a nominee for the prestigious international honour - European Quality (UK).
The function will form one of the most important events of this year business calendar, and will be attended by the best representatives of regional business, culture and science.
The event has limited participation, so please contact me for your accreditation in the event and procedure as well as for the programme details before March, 2.
More details can be found in the pdf-attachment.
I look forward to hearing from you soon.Sincerely,
Julia ChambersAchievements Forum 2020 Organising Committee Coordinator

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