iZND Group in APAC CIOoutlook's Data Center 2023 special

iZND Group in APAC CIOoutlook's Data Center 2023 special

From: Suzanne Phillips <suzanne.n.phillips@apacciooutlook.com>
Date: Tue, Aug 1, 2023 at 8:04 AM
Subject: iZND Group in APAC CIOoutlook's Data Center 2023 special
To: Isaac <Isaac@izndgroup.com>

Hi Isaac,

We had a great experience working with iZND Group for CIO Advisor APAC's edition on Fleet Management Solutions CIOAdvisor. We hope iZND Group was able to make the most out of the recognition.

I am Suzanne Phillips from APAC CIOoutlook magazine. I am glad to inform you that APAC CIOoutlook and CIO Advisor APAC belong to the same organization. 

This edition will reach out to our 164,700 qualified print and digital subscribers who are very senior level buyers and decision makers including CTOs, CEOs, EVP Data Center Technology, Digital&Innovation partners, and IT Directors, to name a few. In this edition, some of our readers will also share thought leadership articles about their experience and ideas in the Data Center space.

We would like to feature iZND Group as one of the top 10 companies in APAC CIOoutlook's upcoming edition on Data Center , which will be an appropriate platform for iZND Group to showcase its expertise and enhance its prospect generation and conversion rate.

To give iZND Group more exposure as a repeat participant, we can do a 2-page profile rather than our usual one-pager. We can also tune the flavor of the story to match your current branding goals.

The nominal expense for the reprint rights of iZND Group's 2-page profile is 3,000 USD, which also entails other benefits. We will share the digital deliverables with you well in advance before the publication so that your team can start using them as a part of all their business development activities.

We are sure that iZND Group will benefit immensely by getting featured in this upcoming edition. We would like to know your interest in partaking in this edition. 

I look forward to hearing from you.

Suzanne Phillips
APAC CIOoutlook
O: +1 510 330 5172