iZND Services's to be featured as Malaysia’s Most Disruptive Companies to Watch in 2021

iZND Services's to be featured as Malaysia's Most Disruptive Companies to Watch in 2021

From: Noel from Technology Era <noel@thetechnologyera.com>
Date: Mon, 2 Aug 2021 at 9:01 AM
Subject: iZND Services's to be featured as Malaysia's Most Disruptive Companies to Watch in 2021

Hello Dr. Isaac,

I am Noel from The Technology Era, an online media portal with a mission to bring business communities together in order to foster collaboration and innovation. We also help businesses to strengthen their brands and expand their reach through our content marketing programs and multiple content delivery platforms.

Our upcoming issue features: Malaysia's Most Disruptive Companies to Watch in 2021

Innovation, when combined with disruption, has changed the landscape of the business world. The definition of disruptive has evolved along with the time, as instead of offering what consumers want. Thus, our upcoming issue intends to cover the businesses who are bringing forward such disruptive innovations and significantly contributing to their respective sectors.

Through our in-depth research of companies revolutionizing their respective industries, we are delighted to inform you that iZND Services has been shortlisted to get featured in our annual edition.

Benefits and Terms:

We want to help your company expand your reach and improve your brand value in the market. For that, along with the brand page listing for lifetime, we will publish a three-page exclusive interviewed profile of your company with your CEO image in both our online and print magazine. In addition, throughout the year, our digital marketing team will promote the listing through our associate PR, Events partners and our effective digital marketing programs. We will run digital marketing campaigns on social channels with your minimum 3 targeted locations

To support this effort we expect a small capital from your company. You will have full digital copyrights to use the listing and the profile in your marketing and public relation collateral. You will also have a one-time opportunity to put your company's advertisement on this issue or any issue within 6 months.

We hope that this recognition will encourage you to go further with your invaluable works and we look forward to help you thrive in the market.

For your reference, please find the below digital version of our previous edition.

Digital Version

Please confirm your participation, so that we can start working on the editorial and next steps.

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