iZND Group featured on USA-9 Magazine: Innovative Companies Edition

iZND Group featured on USA-9: Innovative Companies Edition 

From: Heather Morgan
Date: Fri, 18 Jun 2021 at 1:57 AM
Subject: USA-9: Innovative Companies Edition

Hello Dr Isaac,

I am Heather from USA-9. Our print and online magazine has been a pioneer in the industry and continues to reach out to C level executives and other senior decision-makers in the IT sector, today.

Our upcoming annual special edition of USA-9 on Innovative Companies of 2021, where the focus will be on highlighting the Company's New innovations, technologies and market strategy.

Our distinguished editorial team would write a company profile which will cover the various business-perspectives of iZND Group, allowing the readers to get a clear picture of your company, the innovative solutions you offer and what is driving you towards excellence.

The profile will offer readers an understanding of how your innovative solutions and products can take their respective companies to new heights. You can add to this or suggest any other story line which will be effective for a prospective client of company.

1. Two full-page profile about the CEO and the Company in high-resolution PDF. (With CEO picture)
2. Online magazine link.
3. HTML link for a full-page profile with a link back to your website.
4. Digital logo.
5. A digital certificate of honor.
6. Complimentary - Two full-page advertisements in any upcoming magazines. (Valid till 2022)
7. Complimentary - Your company press releases can be featured on the USA-9 website.
8. Unlimited reprint rights for two full-page profile about the CEO and the Company.

I will eagerly await your positive response.

Thanks & Regards,
Heather Morgan