What Should Be Consider When It Comes to Picking companies to help with Branding


Branding & What Should Be Expected When Deciding to Engage a Professional

Something to Ponder on... And please do let me know what your thoughts are.. 
What would be the ideal approach and best practices for an organization or individual to be looking into when decided to hire a Brand consultant (or whatever terms that these type of organizations calls themselves.)

Shouldn't it be, that if a someone or an organization's wants to be famous in the community, the company they hire would somehow has at least some presence on the platform that they were hired to be help the individual or company for that purpose ?

Another thing to ponder on .. 

Which would be the most ideal expectation for showing their experiences or their recognitions ?

  1. By the lists companies that currently are engaging their services? .. or
  2. By the reputations / recognitions that the company has which they're using it as their value in the industry for the clients to use one of the areas they will comparing with others in the market?

Personal experiences & recognitions would be the ideal things to look at when determining which company should be hired ?

If this is one of the criteria for determining which company to hire, what about companies that has nothing to show off about themselves with, but they have a long list of World recognizes companies that they're servicing for managing their online presence and brand recognition. Is that possible ?
If it is, does it means that there are companies in the market that are so humble to make sure that their reputations & online presence do not over-shadow those companies they're helping to build their brand and becomes globally recognized.

Or Having lists of well recognized organisations that's engaging their services will assure the future customers that

Even there's a possibility that a branding company can have a low profile, but will such companies  gives assurance to the future clients? Even if they are willing to guarantee that if engaged their services, the client will surely becomes  well-recognized company as well-known as those that are listed in their clients? Is that even possible ?