BlackBerry 10 Support Information : WhatsApp extremely slow loading and often crashed

Although you may have the latest version of WhatsApp -2.11.1201- publicly available, there is an experimental version -2.11.1349- that we are testing. Please do the following to install this new beta version of WhatsApp from Beta Zone and let me know if you encounter any problem after that:

  1. Install Beta Zone from BlackBerry World
  2. Open Beta Zone > Tap WhatsApp if you see it under the tab Available
  3. Tap Upgrade

After that you should be able to open WhatsApp beta from your smartphone's home screen or from Beta Zone.

To make sure you have the latest beta version -2.11.1349- simply open WhatsApp > Application Menu (Swipe down from the top of the screen to see it) > About

Note: If you have any issue with the "Beta Zone" app then we won't be able to fix it since it's not our app.