New Graphical UI for CloudPebble and Other Goodies!

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Pebble September 10th, 2014

Graphically build your user interfaces using CloudPebble!

Hi Pebble Devs!

We've been busy since our last update, and we've got plenty of news to share with you!

We recently launched a feature in CloudPebble that lets you build interfaces in CloudPebble by drag and drop! This makes it easier than ever to start building your Pebble apps.

The UI editor will take the layout you build and generate a C file from it, which you can use to build anything you like. The generated code can be exported from CloudPebble, and can be used in both CloudPebble and the native SDK.

To get started, head to 
CloudPebble, create a project and add a new Window Layout from the sidebar. You can read more about it on our blog.

Read on for more of what we've been up to.

Happy Developing!
— Team Pebble

More Developer News

Developer Retreat Spots Still Available

Some spaces have opened up for our upcoming Developer Retreat! Join us from Thursday, October 2nd to Sunday, October 5th to learn about new APIs, hack on apps, eat your way around Silicon Valley, and have fun! Check out the 
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Submit Your Examples, Tools and Libraries

We are collecting examples, tools and libraries for the upcoming Community Resources section of our site. Instructions for contributing your resources can be found in 
our community-resources repo on GitHub.

Automatic App Updates

Your apps will soon automatically update! Furthermore, any settings your app has stored will no longer be cleared, creating a seamless user experience. However, we need your help too; you need to make sure your app handles being upgraded elegantly. We've 
written a blog post to help you get ready.

Upcoming Events

Want to #MakeAwesomeHappen locally? Here is a list of events happening soon that Pebble is sponsoring! If you want more details about these events check out our 
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