Proud to announce we're an authorized Freshdesk reseller!

We’re proud to announce that as of July 16th, iZND Services is registered as an authorized Freshdesk reseller!

Freshdesk is a state of the art help desk tool, aimed making sure its users have all the tools available for delivering excellent customer support. Check their features here for more details.

At iZND Services, we have been using Freshdesk ourselves for quite a while and we absolutely love the product. Thanks to Freshdesk, we’re able to support our customers on Google Apps as well as other products (such as Tech Support) in a professional way. Setting up Freshdesk really was a walk in the park, we were literally receiving tickets within 15 minutes of creating our account. 

Since then, we’ve configured automated routing of tickets depending on their content, set up specific email replies and canned responses and run reports every month to see how well we’re doing. As a cherry on the cake, Freshdesk integrates with our bread and butter, Google Apps out of the box!

As we started getting very positive customer feedback about the support we gave using Freshdesk, and given some level of customer support is required at almost any organization, we decided to join Freshdesk as an authorized reseller to broaden our offering and make our customers happy.

Visit iZND's Official Freshdesk reseller page at