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Isaac Andy: Optimizing Clients’ Businesses With iZND’s One-Stop Solution Mirror Review Share This! Isaac Andy, the Co-founder and CEO of iZND Services is an application developer, database administrator, and project manager in a wide variety of business applications. As a personal achievement, he was nominated by the Senate Committee Malaysian Honorary Doctorate Organization, which is under UN Global Education Centre by the International University of Peace. Isaac’s Journey of Handling Complex ProjectsThe Beginning It all began when IATA (International Airlines Ticketing Association) imposed the final deadline for all airlines to be e-ticketing compliance by the end of 2008. At that time, Isaac was representing IBM, heading the Desktop Management that manages the IT Outsourcing for Malaysia Airlines. There was a special IBM project team called PSS (Passenger Support System) assigned for the e-ticketing migration for Malaysia Airlines. Le…

Samsung Android issue *Resolved*: Text-To-Speech activates when I activate the accessibility service

*RESOLVED* Text-To-Speech activates when I activate the accessibility service

This is a bug in Samsung’s version on the Android OS.
Samsung’s dev team is aware of the issue and is reportedly working to solve it.
This bug occurs on any app using an accessibility service (such as Lightflow, Tasker, NoLED, …).
In the case of our apps, an accessibility service is used to access the notifications. This is the main feature of our apps, so we can’t do without.
The fix shown below has been reported not to have any effect on other apps using TTS (such as Google Navigation). 
Here is the full fix that has been reported to work on Galaxy S3, S4, Note 10.1 (confirmed working on version 4.2.1) :
- Go to Settings -> Accessibility -> Talkback « ON »

- Select « Settings » from the bottom of the page

- Uncheck all Talkback options

- Switch Talkback « Off » again
- Go back to Settings -> Application manager -> All

- Disable Google TTS (text to speech)

- Disable Samsung TTS (text to speech)
If you’re experiencing the same issue on another phone, try this :

- Go to Settings -> App Manager -> Select GoogleTTS -> Disable

- Go to Settings -> App Manager -> Select SamsungTTS (on a Samsung phone) -> Disable