Fix for accounts not loading in

What we have found to be a fix when accounts aren't opening after loading up ur phone with apps and such. 

As it turns out. If you delete all the apk's android apps that you installed, then rebooting phone with volume keys. Then re adding them one by one, checking to see if accounts load back up each time. You should be able to find which apk was interfering with it. 

Alternately you could try just deleting each apk one by one. And after each delete check accounts to see if it now opens fully. 
This method seems to be hit and miss. And usually you have to just delete them all. 

The funny thing also that we found. Is that in the rare occasion we were able to just reload all the apk's back we actually did have. With accounts working. So not sure why. But maybe just a refresh of those installing is all that's needed. But. Usually. Its one or two apps. That interferes with accounts.