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iZND Services: IT Infrastructure Outsourcing and Manage...

What is iZND?

iZND is an IT Infrastructure Outsourcing and Management Services firm that provides in the following areas:

  • Service Desk for IT

  • Solution for Enterprise Cloud Hosting

  • Services for Data Center Management 

  • Computing Services for End-Users 

  • Services for Application Management

  • Services for Converged Networks

  • Security Services That Are Managed 

  • Management of Enterprise Systems

  • Management of IT Services

  • Solutions for Transformation

  • Solutions and Services for High-Performance Computing

These services are designed to improve the quality of outputs to clients. They do so through their Partner Expert Leveraging Program to achieve proper alignment of services with the business metrics of a firm. They assist in improving business performance, increasing profits, aligning technology with business goals, lowering expenses, increasing service speed and flexibility, and achieving long-term success.

Their entire range of infrastructure outsourcing services assists companies in establishing and maintaining a highly accessible, dependable IT infrastructure capable of harmonizing with changing demands in a multi-sourcing environment.

Why choose iZND?

iZND Services are highly adaptable to keep up with the changing demands. iZND services are cost-efficient, simple, and promptly improve the operational efficiency of the target company. Regardless of the project scope or client, they offer their customers a repeatable, proven approach that produces consistent end results. They supply companies with a One-Stop solution that includes all required hardware and software depending on the target company’s needs. 

They take care of everything, including hardware, software, networking, security, and backup. They have kept the option of customization open to meet the specific requirements of a firm. They also present an Automated Helpdesk system which monitors the target company’s IT Infrastructure 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to guarantee it is running well.

This wide range of services allows the target company to concentrate on their core activities and pay attention to what matters most to their company.

How do they manage their services?

iZND Services offers a managed services program that includes a dedicated team of hardware and software specialists that specialize in designing services and solutions that suit the demands and best interests of their clients. 

The Unique iZND GPS Tracking Server

This is one unique creation of the company that deserves special mention. Transportation firms, police and fire departments, utility companies, service organizations, and other enterprises with mobile personnel all utilize iZND GPS Server, a premier web-based GPS monitoring technology to track vehicles in real-time. Following are the key benefits of the tracker:

  • Tracking in real-time

The technology allows users to track numerous cars in real-time via a web browser. It also provides a live view of the whole vehicle fleet to give control.

  • Notifications and alerts

Any occurrence on the platform can trigger an alert in the app, through email, or via SMS. There is provision for manual adjustment of notifications to prioritize those alerts that demand quick attention, such as SOS, car theft, extreme heat, excessive idling, off-hours vehicle usage, or geofence violations.

  • Reporting function

iZND GPS Server provides reports for the majority of typical business requirements, allowing important people to assess their business carefully. 

  • Automobile information storage

The Maintenance plugin maintains track due dates for servicing of vehicles. It displays a maintenance status overview and provides alerts when cars are due for servicing. 

  • Driving in a Sustainable Way

The Eco Driving plugin calculates an "eco" score for each car by measuring hard-driving, speeding, and idling. By reducing the environmental effect of a particular vehicle fleet, vehicle wear and expenditure are minimized. 

  • Journal of Drivers

A person can keep a record of their business excursions using Driver Journal. Various journeys can be categorized and remarked through this provision. This is an excellent plugin for meeting tax authorities and corporate laws. 

The server supports a range of devices such as Windows PCs, Windows Mobile devices, Android, iPhone, and Blackberry smartphones making the platform future-proof, versatile, and well-suited to large-scale deployments involving a variety of devices.

Isaac Andy, Founder, CEO, and Director

Isaac has experience in technology-based streamlining of business processes to improve efficiency and productivity. He has been the recipient of several honors such World Confederation of Business's Bizz Award 2019 - European Quality Award 2020 (Achievements Forum). He is a global member of the Internet Society (ISOC), A Malaysian Ambassador for RIPE NCC, and an ambassador for Wikitech Wikimedia.

  • Industry : Information Technology & Services

  • Company size : 51-200 employees 

  • Headquarters : Subang Jaya, Selangor 

  • Type : Privately Held

  • Founded : 2012