Dr Isaac Andy has been nominated as an "Elite League of Influential Entrepreneurs - 2021" by Business Talk Magazine

From: Shubham Mehra <shubham@businesstalkmagazine.com>

Date: Sat, 3 Apr 2021 at 12:50 AM
Subject: Isaac has been nominated as an "Elite League of Influential Entrepreneurs - 2021" by Business Talk Magazine
To: Dr. Isaac Andy 

Hi Dr Isaac ,


I am Shubham and this email is about featuring you and your business in our upcoming edition as an "Elite League of Influential Entrepreneurs - 2021".We are a digital business magazine that caters to CEOs, Entrepreneurs, Directors, high-level executives, VCs, and corporates, We understand that in this dynamic world, it is crucial to be updated. We will weave your story through engaging content and convey it to our powerful and influential reach, business professionals worldwide through digital mediums. We aim to showcase all great personalities, their unique ideas, stories, and much more.

An elite group of influential entrepreneurs operates with a mindset that sets these leaders apart from other people in the world of business and in life as a whole. They inspire innovation without limitation. They fuel growth and prosperity by building remarkable companies and services. This special issue will give you more brand visibility and cover your growth story and highlight your accreditation.

Category: Inside profile  (Sponsored)*

Deliverables -  "Elite League of Influential Entrepreneurs - 2021"
  •  2 pages about the key person and company with key person's picture, written by our editorial team.  
  •  1 full-page advertisement in our digital magazine as a Value-added service which will utilize in future issues. 
  •  The profile will be available on our website in terms of E-magazine
  •  Certificate of Honor.  
  •  Guest Writing on the website. 
  •  The profile will be published on our website and social media platforms for a lifetime. 
  •  Website backlink, social media links on the article published online

Kindly let us know your level of interest, so we can share further details on the same.
I am Keenly looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Best Regards,
Shubham Mehra
Corporate Manager
Business Talk Magazine