Work from anywhere, with Google

How to work, learn & teach from anywhere

If your business, work or school has been disrupted by current events, you might find yourself having to work or study from home. 

To help you adjust and manage your workload effectively, we've put together a list of useful resources. Browse our top picks below, or click here to see them all. 

For workers

  • 6 tips for better video calls More > 
  • Tools for better remote working More >
  • Staying focused with mindfulness More >

For business owners

  • Keeping customers updated with Google My Business More >
  • Achieving a balanced and flexible workforce More >
  • Running brainstorming sessions remotely More >

For teachers

  • Engaging students through distance learning More >
  • Using digital tools in your lesson plans More >
  • Sharing information with interactive presentations More >

For students & learners

  • Learning new online skills More >
  • Getting organised with Google Drive More >
  • Bite-sized lessons in business or marketing More >

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