Remote Working Tips


The current global situation has led to huge numbers of people working remotely and G Suite provides an awesome set of tools to help people continue to do their jobs under challenging circumstances. We're still here (we're working from home actually) sharing the latest tips, tricks and tools to help you get the most from G Suite, wherever you are.


Quickly access your meeting notes and files from within your Hangouts meeting!

Use Shared Drives with your Team
For ongoing collaboration, Shared Drives is a central place where you and your team can access the same files.

Keep a clear inbox in Gmail
You can add a "Send and Archive" button to Gmail, which can archive each email you reply to from your inbox.

How to Use Tab Groups in Chrome
Tab Groups allows you to organize Chrome tabs using a colour-coded labelling system.

Many organisations encourage people to work from home when required but right now, it's become a necessity, in fact the survival of many organisations will depend on it.


Create and use multiple signatures in Gmail
This new feature gives you the flexibility to use different signatures for different situations.

Fix images to a certain location on a page in Google Docs
You can position an image in a fixed place, ensuring it stays in a certain spot on the page and is not disrupted by text and other elements.

Sort and filter cells by text or fill colour in Google Sheets
You can filter and sort cells by two additional parameters: text colour and fill (background) colour.

Experience the new Google Groups, launching in beta
Sign up to try the new experience in beta, giving your organization early access to the new UI and a head start on the migration from classic Groups.

And for the admins...
New interface for domain management in the Admin console
Admins can now manage their primary domain, secondary domains, and domain aliases through a new interface.

Important changes to less secure apps and account recovery management in the Admin console
The interface updates will make security settings more findable and scannable, reducing the number of clicks it takes to manage these setting