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Dr. Isaac Andy: Managing Businesses IT Infrastructure Through Customized Technology Offerings  

Published on November 1, 2019

iZND Services, along with its group of companies, is aligned to clients’ business metrics through its Partner Expert Leveraging Programme, working hand in hand with them to deliver superior quality services. The company helps enterprises to enhance their business performance, improve margins, align technology with business priorities, reduce costs, improve service speed and flexibility, and achieve long-term success. Its complete spectrum of infrastructure outsourcing services help businesses to build and manage a highly available, reliable IT infrastructure that is capable of meeting the dynamic needs of businesses in a multi-sourcing scenario.

An Industry Leader with Eventful History 

Dr. Isaac Andy, Founder, and CEO of iZND Services is an avid leader that takes pride to provide IT Solutions (Hardware and Software) through his organization with a strong leadership backbone. He brings his entrepreneurial journey with enthusiasm and excitement and commenced his career as an Analyst Programmer, developing integration during the transition from UNIX to Microsoft Windows for POS systems. During his journey, Isaac has donned himself in different job roles. He has worked as a Tech engineer, deployment lead representing Dell for one of the first few outsourcing projects. He has also carried out the responsibility of a Technical Manager to oversee the deployment that was to be done throughout the rest of the world.
While working for other companies, Dr. Isaac built and set many processes himself, which have been used as standards for most of the IT Outsourcing Services provided by major IT companies. The pursuit of starting a new venture was the turning point that can offer solutions he desired and take profound decisions.

Experience Drives Success 

In 2008, IATA gave a deadline for all Airlines to be e-Ticketing compliant. Whereby failing to do so, may result in, that the Airlines would not be able to provide their travelling services across the globe, due to which the system might not be able to be integrated with the new guidelines. The results would be, the other Airports would not receive data on the flight details.
Dr. Isaac was assigned on this 6-month project to work with their vendor SITA to work on the solution and ensure successful integration in Malaysia. Due to the limited time constraint and urgency to work on the PSS (Passenger Support System), which included e-Ticketing system & DCS (Departure Control System) to be up and running. He decided to get involved with their technical solution team and could identify the issue and provided a solution for them. This enabled them to successfully get their system working and the Migration Guide for the rest of the team to roll out throughout the rest of the world, resulting in 100% success in the cutover within the deadline given by IATA.

Assisting Customers Through Innovative Offerings

iZND Services provides a single point of contact for all IT business requirements, a complete technology life cycle support for companies, from its clients. The company delivers quality technology products and services through a comprehensive range of customized offerings by helping companies understand the practical business implications of emerging technologies. It tailors its services to fit the clients’ requirements and providing best-in-class service at a substantial cost savings. The company’s customized options can supplement other vendor solutions.

iZND offers the following range of IT Infrastructure Outsourcing and Management Services:

  • IT Service Desk
  • Cloud Hosting for Enterprise Solution
  • Data Center Management Services
  • End-User Computing Services
  • Application Management Services
  • Converged Network Services
  • Managed Security Services
  • Enterprise System Management
  • IT Service Management
  • Transformation Solutions
  • High Performance Computing Solution and Services

Achievements That Inspire

iZND Services has been recognized as:

  • 50 Most valuable brands by Silicon Review
  • 20 Most innovative companies to watch by Insights Success
  • 50 Fastest Growing StartUps by APAC Business Headlines
  • The Bizz awards for Business Excellence 2019 by WORLDCOB
  • 10 Best IT Provider Companies by Business Sights
  • 25 Most Promising IBM Solution Providers by APAC CIO Outlook
  • Featured as the Big Player on StartUp 360
  • Top 25 Managed Services Providers 2017

Words of Wisdom 

Dr. Isaac been participating as a mentor at MWB (Mentors without Borders) and we believe that in order to be successful, an emerging business leader needs to set clear goals and run a very simple mental process on a regular basis: think about the moment in the future when they will achieve those goals and then think about the steps needed to get there. Along the way they will be able to generate a continuous stream of ideas, energy and confidence channelled towards their goals and when they act according to the ideas that they are coming up with gradually, they are getting closer and closer to those goals. Along the way the only real obstacles are represented by the various negative states that they will encounter such as anger, frustration, discouragement, worry, stress, etc. and it’s very important to relax efficiently in those moments because a very pleasant relaxed state will allow them to continue their journey much more efficiently and joyfully

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