Dr Isaac Andy, CEO of iZND Services was awarded with The BIZZ Award Winner 2019

iZND Group - 2019 BIZZ Award Winner

2019 Peak of Success Award by the World Confederation of Businesses.

The Bizz Award gathers and recognizes leading businesses from different regions that contribute to the daily growth of their local economy and the world economy. THE BIZZ was created by World Confederation of Businesses (WORLDCOB), to offer to the global business community a range of benefits that further their development.
WORLDCOB was founded in 2004 in Houston, Texas, in the United States of America. Its primary mission is to promote business development worldwide, recognizing and boosting the growth of leading businesses and business people in every country through the special tools and services that it offers its members. It has approximately 3,500 members representing over 130 countries.
The award is intended to recognize the Business Excellence in small, medium and large companies, because we believe that according to their proportions and capacities, they are capable to develop good business, worthy of recognition practices, and they end up being an example to follow for businesses in their community and internationally.

The Criteria Evaluate Are:
  • Business Leadership
  • Management Systems
  • Quality of Products and/or Services
  • Business Creativity and Innovation
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Achievements and Awards

Dr Isaac Andy, Business Excellence Certificate

The BIZZ Awards 2019 - Dr Isaac Andy, Business Excellence Certificate 

iZND Group, Business Excellence Certificate

iZND Group of Companies

The BIZZ Awards 2019 - iZND Group of Companies, Business Excellence Certificate