Idea to Help AirBnB Home Owners to manage their home with Alexa

I've came out with a skill where AI systems like Amazon Alexa or Google home can install to automate a house keeper service for customers that books their places thru AirBnb or other online booking services ..

This allows almost none interaction between the customer and the agent that's maintaining the those units to be rented out. 
As all necessary information has been fed to my app's skill where the customer only speaks to the devices to get info or even in handling the turning lights, aircon and etc.. 

I've even included features that includes queries by the customer like what's the wifi password or where are the towels, or how to turn on the induction cooker.. 
.. and early this morning before I published it on Amazon, ive included a feature where customers can ask for info or help like food delivery where Alexa will let them know what delivery services are covered for that area as well as giving them necessary info like the unit address for them to enter during their online food ordering .. 

What do you think? 
I believe this is possible for a fully automated facility to extend the facilities after an individual picks a place and make payment for it online.. 

Let me know your thoughts