GSuite vs Ms Office 365

Spend less time uploading files, joining video calls and sending email attachments. Spend more time working.
Google Cloud
Not all clouds are created equal.

When it comes to productivity, how do the leading cloud solutions stack up? In a series of speed and performance tests, Principled Technologies compared the key components of G Suite and Microsoft Office 365. Here’s what they found:
  • Real-time changes appear in up to 96% less time with Google Docs.Find out more >>
  • File uploads take up to 53% less time with Google Drive. Find out more >>
  • You can join video calls in up to 61% less time with Google Hangouts. Find out more >>
  • You can send email attachments in up to 42% less time with Gmail. Find out more >>
  • Internal site creation takes up to 57% less time with Google Sites. Find out more >>
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