Fwd: Announcing massive price reductions and new products - Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Platform
Announcing massive price reductions and new products - Google Cloud Platform
We announced a number of new products and held deep dive sessions at Cloud Platform Live last week. In case you missed it, you can watch all the content, including Urs Holzle's keynote, at cloud.google.com/LIVE.
Major price reductions
We reduced prices by 30-85% for our various on-demand services including Compute Engine, App Engine, BigQuery and Cloud Storage. We also introduced Sustained Use Discounts, which give you automatic discounts without the need to reserve instances up front. Read more
Introducing Managed Virtual Machines
Managed Virtual Machines let you combine the total control and freedom of Compute Engine Virtual Machines with the auto-management capabilities of App Engine. Read more or request access
Introducing Google Cloud Deployment Manager
Google Cloud Deployment Manager allows you to easily declare, deploy, and maintain complex applications using a simple templating mechanism that allows you to declaratively describe your solution, and then deploy it with a single command. Read more or sign up for the Limited Preview
Introducing Google Cloud DNS
We announced a preview of Google Cloud DNS, an authoritative Domain Name System (DNS) service that gives developers a highly available, reliable, and inexpensive way to publish DNS zones and records. Using a simple standards-based API, developers can create and manage their own DNS records. Read more or get started
Better, cheaper BigQuery
Google BigQuery added table wildcard functions, views, and parallel exports, as well as increased streaming capacity, lower pricing, and more. Read more or get started
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